ROTKOHL und BLAUKRAUT in Recklinghausen

Mrz 16, 2011

Anna Hepp



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ROTKOHL UND BLAUKRAUT  ist am Samstag den 19. März um 15.30h
im Cineworld Recklinghausen zu sehen! Es gibt in dem Zusammenhang übrigens noch viele andere tolle Filme zu sehen! (The Green Wave, Almanya, La Nana, Im Himmel unter der Erde …)
Ich freue mich über viele Besucher!


TURKISH KRAUT in Recklinghausen, Germany
at the 19th of March 2011 in Recklinghausen, Germany. Please come and see my fist long documentary film. It’s about two yound families with Turkish-German background from the Ruhr area in Germany. They invite us into their private living space. With the typically regional sense of humour they dismantle prejudices and laugh about misunderstandings. Despite social and religious differences, love knows no bounds.
Would be great to see you there. The main characters and me, we will be there for Q&A.


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